Deborah Browne – Integrative Colonic Hydrotherapist and Health Consultant

Deborah Browne – Integrative Colonic Hydrotherapist and Health Consultant

Integrative Colonic Hydrotherapist and Health Consultant

Deborah is passionate in combining her knowledge, over 15,000 hours of clinical experience and an integrative approach to help each person regain or improve the health they desire.

As an educator, public speaker and trainer Deborah operates with the utmost professionalism which is reflected in her 98 % repeat client rate. Beware, you will be armed with a wealth of knowledge and tips to self-help after a visit to one of her clinics, the array of testimonials will demonstrate this.  She is super passionate in helping others and looks forward to exceeding your expectation. Her ethos is Always look after No 2!

Some History

As a national athlete, sports coach of various disciplines and martial artists for many years, I have always enjoyed a high level of health and wellbeing. While traveling in S.E Asia I started to experience the signs of ill health. I was becoming increasingly bloated on a day-to-day basis that was accompanied with pain, sometimes debilitating and a fluctuation in bowel movements. I noticed negative changes in my mood; energy levels and what can only be described as brain fog. After a series of consultations and hospital trips both in Asia and the UK, no one could give me answer, only a multitude of possible reasons or triggers were identified, none of which, when removed, made my condition improve.

I was introduced to colon hydrotherapy 1997 and I have never looked back. After a series of colonics, I experienced the highest sense of wellbeing in my entire life. I was both physically and mentally alert. It heightened the fact of just how much my health had suffered. I continued over the years with colonics and used them in conjunction with various detoxification programmes and fitness regimes. I was also fortunate to share the journey of numerous other people, (who remain close friends) who reclaimed their health while using a combination of colonics, nutritional support and exercise.

My passion was to gain qualifications as a Colon Hydrotherapist at the renown Chi centre in Maidenhead, where I was fortunate to be trained by Galina Imrie, international trainer and author of “Always Look After your Number Two!”. I am also a Certified Member of GPACT, Global professional association of colon therapists.

With the numerous benefits this treatment offers and obtaining the latest state of the art Aqua-clinic portable equipment, I decided to offer the therapy and expand my area of operations. With an emphasis on quality and hygiene, I have taken no shortcuts. Each treatment includes an individual sterile speculum, set of tubes and gown, and for further reassurance the pack is opened in front of the client.

All treatments include a thorough consultation and a full medical history will be taken to ensure your treatment is appropriate. 

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