Emma Snape – X-HAIL Meditation Instructor and Pregnancy/Postnatal Yoga Instructor

Emma Snape

X-HAIL Meditation Instructor and Pregnancy/Postnatal Yoga Instructor.

I’m Emma. I’m a busy mum of two and have been a primary school teacher for 14 years. I have a degree in Psychology. I am a trained meditation instructor with X-HAIL and a Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga Instructor.


X-HAIL Meditation:

For years I have practiced yoga with elements of meditation but it wasn’t until I discovered X-HAIL that I finally felt like I got what it is to meditate! I finally feel like I understand what to do, how to do it and finally how to lean into it. I am passionate about helping others to find a practice that suits them and their lifestyle, helping others to understand what meditation is and dispelling the myth that you have to be able to bend into lotus, sit with complete silence and have a certain diet.


I want people to see that you can be down to earth, still have off days, be the person you always have been AND make meditation a part of your life to support looking after your mental health.


Pregnancy/Postnatal Yoga Instructor and Antenatal Teacher

I am a trained Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga Instructor. I am also an Antenatal Educator with FEDANT registration.


I am passionate about empowering women and providing information to allow expectant parents to make informed decisions when it comes to the birth of their child.


Classes include:

Pregnancy Yoga – yoga movements and breath work to help you to prepare your mind and body for the birth of your baby. Gentle movements to ease common pregnancy ailments, to build strength and help you to relax and connect to your baby.


Active Birth Workshop – A workshop for mum and her birth companion that will not only cover all of the basics of antenatal education and an active, informed birth but also give you both the space to prepare as a team and confidently plan for your baby’s birthing day.  From understanding the stages of labour to working with gravity to support your baby’s birth, massage for labour and informing your own individual choices – we’ve got you covered.

Infant Feeding– A workshop for expectant mums either alone or with their partner to help understand your feeding choices, explore both breastfeeding and bottle feeding options, cut through the myths and challenges and prepare for your own confident feeding journey. Our unique Infant Feeding Workshop draws on the best of breastfeeding education, responsive bottle feeding knowledge and parent preparation to create one very powerful combination. From equipment to sterlisation, overcoming breastfeeding challenges to exploring other options and informing your own individual choices – we’ve got you covered.

Postnatal Yoga- gentle yoga movements designed to bring body and mind into balance. Each class introduces you to beautiful hand gestures (mudra), empowering breathing techniques (pranayama) and uplifting and energising postures (asana). Each class finishes with a wonderful guided relaxation, allowing you to calm your busy mind to face whatever the week has in store for you.

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