Supervision for Complementary Therapists

Supervision offers a calm spacious atmosphere in which to reflect upon sessions with clients, issues around the work, organisational factors, on-going learning and self-care.   Support is offered around professional roles and ethical considerations.  It’s an open, thoughtful, collaborative process of exploration, awareness and learning…. inevitably deepening understanding of a client’s “case”, bringing more options for intervention and treatment within your therapeutic modality.

Every therapist brings themselves to a session!  Supervision supports developing and expanding awareness of who we are and what we bring to encounters with clients.  We may gain insight into how our own passions and issues can feed into the process, helpfully and unhelpfully, and how we can bring our unique selves to the session therapeutically, deepening our perceptual and communication skills.

Therapists may choose to have individual Supervision or Supervision in a group (of up to four members).