Book a room

The minimum booking time is 1 hour, after that you can book at half hour increments to give you time to set up, write notes and for those occasions when you may need to spend a little longer with your client . Please ensure you and your belongings are out of the room for the next practitioner to access the space.

Hourly bookings and ad-hoc bookings are to be paid for when booking using a credit or debit card.

12- weekly license agreements guarantee you the use of a room of your choice, at the time you choose, ensuring continuity for you and your client. Practitioners on a 12-weekly license agreement can pay monthly by invoice.

Terms and conditions for all rooms.

To have access to this system you will have already had a clinic viewing and decided that Torus Wellbeing Clinic is for you, had an induction and provided the clinic with copies of your certificates and insurance.