Craniosacral therapy is an ideal therapy for ASD because it does not involve talking, eye contact and does not have to involve touch.  

I frequently see good results when supporting children that have physical symptoms such as digestive disorders, headaches and pain associated with ASD.

However, because craniosacral therapy targets the central nervous system which helps to reduce your bodies fight or flight stress response it also helps tackle social and emotional responses.

For children on the Autism spectrum craniosacral therapy can offer a safe space where they feel calm and relaxed.

Parents often report a noticeable difference after the first session.  This can lead to improvements in the following areas:

  • Improved speech and communication
  • Greater awareness of themselves and others around them
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Ability to cope with overwhelming emotions and to calm themselves down faster
  • Ability to cope with touch
  • Better sleep

I have been working with children and adults with ASD for ten years and understand the complexities and anxiety that come with this.  I create a relaxed environment where you can feel safe and supported.  Often parents are amazed how relaxed their children are at sessions and how they look forward to their next session.

How CST helped my son by Clare Bailey, 2020

I can also use distant therapy which is beneficial if you are unable to get the practice or wish to have therapy delivered online. This does not affect the effectiveness of treatment and can be helpful, especially if you feel your child might be more relaxed in your own surroundings.  

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