Over the past decade I have trained in and worked through my own pre and perinatal experience which has enriched my life and relationship to myself and others in many ways.  

Studying with leaders in the field of prenatal and perinatal psychology such as Pioneer, William Emerson, PhD, Cherionna Menzam-Sills, PhD (UK) and birth biodynamics with Frankly Sills (UK) at the Karuna Institute in Devon has informed my clinical work enormously.

Our arrival into the world may be complicated by interventions, and by some be experienced as traumatic, and the effects of such interventions can need attention. 

I offer support to mums, dads and babies following birth including planned and unplanned C-sections, ventose and forceps delivery.

This work is not just for babies, quite often my work with adults takes us back to prenatal life or challenges during delivery or post-natal experiences.

The effects of such experiences can imprint us and can stay with us, gently and respectfully exploring such experiences using body led approaches can enable integration and optimum health and wellbeing.

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