Reiki opens the door to both your spiritual and personal potential. Perhaps you are a spiritual seeker that has not found the right path, or you are looking to become a professional healer, whatever your journey you are on the right path.

At Torus Wellbeing Clinic, Nicola is an experienced teacher and has been teaching students the ability to heal themselves and others for 20 years.  She can attune others to  the Usui System of Reiki and Rose Reiki

Reiki will raise your vibration, increase your ability to channel healing and accelerate your spiritual growth.  Are you ready to start your journey?

No matter how little you know about Reiki it is very easy to learn. You do not have to be spiritual either, you just have to believe in yourself.

After attunement you will literally feel the energy flow through your hands as the universe connects through you – can be a profound experience.

It is important when choosing a Reiki course that you understand the lineage of your teacher.  Usui lineages are a requirement for insurance  purposes, therefore, if you wish to register with a Reiki Association  it is important that lineages are traceable back to Mikao Usui in an unbroken link.

Would like to learn how to use Reiki daily, or feel a calling to heal others? Or maybe you want to raise your intuitive and energetic awareness?  Then a reiki attunement could be for you.

Rose Reiki

This beautiful Reiki energy embodies the Divine Feminine Ray of the Rose. It is held and over lit by the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Divine Feminine Archetype as embodied by…

Mother Mary
Mary Magdalene
Quan Yin

This Reiki is especially useful whenever a boost of self love, self esteem, self worth and rose radiance is needed. It helps to remind the recipient of their inner beauty.

This is a one level system.  Once attuned you are empowered to pass this Reiki on to others.

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Traditionally Reiki is passed onto a student through an attunement process. The course contents include the history and development of Reiki, the 5 spiritual principles, the cause and effect of disharmony, self-treatments, basic hand positions and the attunement. The attunement connects you to the Reiki Healing Energy or Universal Life Force.

Includes one and a half days training, a manual and the attunement. On completion of both sessions and attendance at two Reiki Shares you will receive a Level one certificate.

Once you have completed level 1 you are ready to take Reiki level 2.  On this course you will learn distant healing methods and how to invoke Reiki symbols.

To become a Reiki Practitioner two supervised case studies are to be undertaken and reported on under the guidance of the teacher. Once these have been evaluated and you have demonstrated your ability to practice you will be given your Reiki 2 certificate.

Once you have completed level 1 and 2 you are ready to take the Advanced Reiki Training – Master level 1. This intensive one-day course gives instruction for personal development including a manifestation grid, energy cultivation practices in chakra balancing, a crystal grid and developing intuition in healing, teaches the Usui Master Symbol & the Ancient Symbol of Healing.

Master level 2.  This is a very powerful, beautiful and peaceful attunement, raising your vibrational energy and Reiki skills to an advanced level. You will be taught psychic surgery and specific injury healing, the Master Symbol and how to use it. Your master symbol will enable you to give your recipients a very deep level of spiritual healing and will also empower you to teach, attune and certify others. The art of passing attunements is taught and practiced at this level.

Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher

If you have already trained in Level 1 and 2 and would like to consider a studentship with me and receive your Reiki Master certificates, please contact me.  

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