Dr Nicola Brough (PhD, MPhil, RCST, ITMC, RMT)

Since 2006 I have supported people using Craniosacral Therapy and other modes of bodywork.  I witness changes happening for people in many ways that are sustained, enabling them to live more fulfilling lives.

My clinical experience is grounded in research and I have undertaken studies to explore clients’ experiences and to develop a psychometrically robust patient reported outcome measure to evaluate changes associated with CST.  The Warwick Holistic Health Questionnaire (WHHQ) is a tool for measuring wellbeing including the domains of mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing and social wellbeing.

I have prepared a Q & A below to tend to question’s you may have or to help identify how CST may support you.  Or alternatively drop me a line at info@toruswellbeingclinic.co.uk or call 07960 946853.

People come for lots of reasons and everyone has their own motivator. It might be physical pain or psycho-somatic pain (which is the bodies way of communicating something to us) or a psycho-emotional component such as a belief which no longer serves us which can cause a distress in some way. Loneliness, a longing or a sense of something missing, may motivate someone to get in touch.

All of which can be met through having sessions, CST helps people to find connection again with themselves and others.

CST can help a range of acute and chronic bio-psycho-physical-social issues. Modern day stresses and hectic lifestyles mean that we burn ourselves out quickly and our emotional and physical health become compromised.

Stress: People are triggered into a fight or flight stress response more oftenthan we think. Parts of our bodies contract as we adopt defensive postures, our breathing gets quicker, and our digestive systems shut down. Our immune systems also become compromised and we struggle to think clearly when in ‘survival mode’. CST can help us shift into a more relaxed state of being where we can start to function more optimally on every level.

Tinnitus: Within my practice I have had success with people with tinnitus, which is said to be incurable (misinformation). Quite often, people with tinnitus have had a trauma of some sort and it can be worked with through by down regulating the central nervous system, a change in diet, and with support, by helping people to recognise the triggers that can take them into overwhelm.

New Mums: to help mum to rest, restore and recover from birthing. Motherhood is often a time when energy is depleted so it important to make sure that mum is as resourced as she can be too. It can also help with a smooth transition into parenthood.

Birth interventions:With babies it can be helpful after a difficult birth. It can help to rebalance the body after deliveries involving ventouse or forceps when the organs can get mauled through the pulling and forces in that kind of situation. It’s about supporting the body to function optimally.

It can also help with babies for reflux, colic, asymmetry of the head, torticollis, new-born foot, sleep disturbance. It can help babies with shock when they have been delivered quickly and first breath syndrome.

Children: I work with toddlers up to young adults. Usually parents come to see me because of the behavioural issues, speech and language concerns, sleep issues or a sense of their child being agitated, always on the go and not able to rest. Or that they are struggling in some way to cope with situations that they are being put in. Some people come hoping that I can help their child and others come because they are at the end of their tether and just want to try something new.

No. There are no contraindications (side effects) and nothing I do interferes with medication or other therapies although it would be useful to do one therapy at a time and know what is working for you.

A typical session is 1 hour long. Initially the practitioner takes a case history and aims to build a trusting relationship over time. With adults work usually, but not always, takes place on a treatment table.  The client remains fully clothed.

With children, it can take a couple or more sessions to build enough trust for contact to occur (which is always with the parent present). Its client led so as a practitioner I aim to remain open to meet the client where they are at that time but generally speaking it is hoped that over a period of sessions, facilitate them to rebalance and regulate their CNS and find the inherent health within them.

Not always. Sometimes the work happens energetically, and I am experienced at doing remote work. It is quite common in sessions for me to work with and through mums holding their babies.  On the floor whilst a toddler is playing.  Sometimes, touch is not appropriate.

To book a session contact: info@toruswellbeingclinic.co.uk or call 07960 946853.