To have access to this system you will have already had a clinic viewing and decided that Torus Wellbeing Clinic is for you, had an induction and provided the clinic with copies of your qualifications, certificates and insurance. Please make sure the copies of your certificates and any new policies are up to date.

To ensure the smooth running of the clinic and appointments please ensure you and your belongings are out of the room for the next practitioner to access the space on time.


Torus Consultancy Room

Large ground floor furnished consultancy room with treatment couch (electric) and desk.   Suitable for all disciplines and group work (10) & classes using mats (8) .  Folding tables and chairs available in room.

Please note: If you wish to book more hours, please select a 1 hour, or a 1/2 hour session and then select “Extras” and then “Extra Hours” or “Extra ½ hours” from the dropdown. Up to 12 extra hours (24 x ½ hours) per day available. 

You are not able to combine 1 and ½ hour slots, so for example if you wish to book 1 and ½ hours in one session, you will need to select a ½ hour session and add on 4 more ½ hour slots.